Ketu and rahu in astrology

When the nodes, Rahu and Ketu saw how angry they had made Visnu, they did penance to him and were eventually given planetary status. So Rahu and Ketu are a very powerful force that operates in our lives to control the karmic influences and situations through the Rahu Ketu axis.

Rahu And Ketu – The Legend And Significance

The position of Rahu in the Vedic astrology chart will show the main area of focus for the person. For example someone with Rahu in the ascendant sign the first house will be very self-focused and may even appear to be quite selfish to those around them.

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However, it is necessary for that person to have this focus and it is their challenge to somehow balance their own needs with those of a partner, if they wish to have a relationship. Here lies the challenge for a person with Rahu in the first house. In this way the Rahu Ketu axis can be used to give a different layer of meaning to the chart and will help to illuminate life purpose and direction for each individual, regardless of their rising sign, Moon or Sun sign.

Rahu represents focus and where you are most likely to put your efforts and in this it can also represent insatiable desires too.

One of our challenges will be to curb or control desires in order to find some balance in our lives. Too much time at work is likely to lead to a dissatisfied partner and hence relationship problems. So we can see that our passion can also become our challenge.

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Rahu can also represent power and wealth, which is why the Chinese in particular often worship the dragon in order to bring prosperity into their lives. While Rahu is very much involved in material and earthly matters, its counterpart Ketu is much more concerned with bringing in the past life knowledge that is pertinent to this life and encouraging us to let go of emotional baggage and guilt.

It will also encourage us to let go of intellectual reasoning to some extent, as Ketu goes beyond intellectual reasoning and more towards faith. Ketu can cause blockages and pain in our lives in order to push us to change our psychological patterns and move on. It may present itself as irrational fears and thereby encourage exploration of the subconscious mind which again can lead to major changes and evolution. Ketu is actually highly idealistic and is concerned with transformation and surrendering the ego to a higher power, which can eventually lead to enlightenment.

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So here we have the axis, on the one side Rahu very involved in desires and the material world and Ketu very much involved in the spiritual world. Both are doing their work in your life by stirring up your ambitions and at the same time pulling you towards renunciation. Here lies the human dilemma and the nature of our internal struggle.

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In further symbolism, Rahu represents the ego and the body and will encourage us to look for gratification, success and power in a particular area of life. In its quest to fulfil its ambitions it may even be manipulative and deceptive too and fool us into thinking that we are looking after others rather our own best interests.

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