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For your love and relationship, this week may prove quite average. Overall, this week is likely to provide you with mixed results. This week may prove favorable for you in all the terms. You may feel a little anxious during the first two and three days of this week, but after that, you may stay fit and healthy. The chances of traveling are high during this week. Your reputation and respect in your society may increase. You may incur expenses on luxury this week.

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For your business, this week is all about progress. You would be able to market your business really well. You may feel emotional but even though you may get practical and a little selfish. For employees, this week may prove amazing. Your work may be appreciated by your seniors. You would even get a promotion.


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If you want to learn a new language, you may get success during this time. Overall, this week is very positive for you. Your love proposal may get accepted by your loved one during this week. Your health may support you, and you would feel energetic. During two days of this week, there are chances that you may face issues related to your eyes, ears, and neck. The first and the last day of this week may not favor you in your job. You may not get support from your co-workers during this time.

Except for the first day of this week, the rest of the days may favor you for finance related matters. Employees may get extra income in terms of increment, incentives, arrears, mid-term bonus, etc. Your joint family problems are likely to get resolved. You may get some good news from your brother or sister. The probability of you going on a small trip with your family is high.

Your Family atmosphere is likely to be happy and cheerful.

People wanting to buy a house may get success. You may purchase new furniture for your home. You may invest in gold, silver, etc. You should try to avoid discussions with your family in property related matters. Your sexual life may prove to be average during this week. If you are in a relationship, you may get the opportunity to spend some private time with your loved one. The last four days of this week may favor you for your health and fitness. During the first three days, you may get issues related to eyes, nervous system, and blood. Due to poor health, you may not be able to concentrate on your work.

For employees, this week is really hopeful. For your business, you may find this week average. During the second half of this week, there are chances of some issues in your business. If you are indulged in government related work, you may have to face some struggles as well. This week may bring average profits for your business. You may require balancing your finances in order to maintain your income and expenses throughout the week.

For your property related matters 15th, 16th, and 20th of this week may bring great success. It's recommended for you to do documentation related procedures during the second half of this week. You may get into some arguments with your elders during this week, thus it is advisable for you to be careful with your speech.

Students may find this week in their favor. For your married life, the first and the last day of this week may bring some issues but overall, you may be able to enjoy your relationship during this week. There are no major changes in your life this week. Your financial situation may improve during this time. You may get your trapped money back during this period.

Your children may support you financially during this time. Your partner may also provide you with great support and care. It may provide you with future opportunities to progress.

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Students may find this week really positive. You may get a monetary award or a scholarship during this time. If you are looking for a job, this week may fall in your favor. Due to workload, you may feel tension and stress. The chances of you to going on a trip is very high this week. You may have to bear some fights with your elders during this period. You may be able to resolve your family matters. You may face tough complications in your business, but overall, you may be able to tackle them really well.

This week may support you for your health. The day of this lunation is blessed with a gorgeous Venus-Jupiter sextile which can absolutely make your partnership dreams come true. This is a month where you get to sit in the life classroom of relating and genuinely learn just how valuable and beautiful it can be to compromise, collaborate, and cohabitate with another.

In other news, your career is about to get a major boost once Saturn turns direct at the top of your chart on September You'll get busy right away building new layers of stability and professional security for yourself. Aries' keywords for September: fairness, balance, relationship harmony, cooperation, collaboration, business, profession, partner, love.

You might feel like you lost one of your very best friends thanks to a difficult Full Moon on September This is a complicated lunation since it'll be next to nebulous Neptune, which is sharply opposite Mars. There is the potential to experience a sad situation about a friend such as discovering that your pal is grappling with alcohol or drug addiction or even mental illness.

What may hurt you the most is that, with Mars opposite Neptune, you're likely to feel powerless to do anything to help. In some cases, this can be dramatic and a friend may slip through your fingers. Or, you might have to end a friendship because you have finally discovered that this person has never really been genuine with you. When it comes to matters of the heart, if you're single, it's possible that an office romance will heat up later in the month.

Your ruler, Venus will move into your work sector along with Mercury on September Sweet, romantic, and flirty words are likely to be exchanged between you and a colleague. How far will you take it? Taurus' keywords for September: friend, loss, frenemy, sad, office romance, new job, health balance, social ending. It's possible that you'll be passed up for a promotion or lose out on another opportunity you've been hoping for career wise this month. The Full Moon on September 14 at the top of your chart could bring tension.

Neptune is also at the top of your chart and, on the same day as the Full Moon, will oppose Mars, making it impossible for you to make anything happen that requires ambitious, entrepreneurial spirit. You might also feel as if you need to give up on your career goals for now in order to take care of a domestic matter.

In terms of romance though, things look amazing!

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If you're single, you can absolutely look forward to new love opportunity. Then on the 28th, a New Moon falls in this same area of your chart. You might meet someone who is extremely physically attractive and also has a way with words. The best part? He or she is genuine relationship material. Go for it!

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Gemini's keywords for September: career drain, disappointment, career loss, family tension, romance, pleasure, children, baby, creative. You might feel as if you don't have much power behind your words this month. It's ironic since Mars is currently moving through your message sector. Typically, this signals a time of having extraordinary power and courage to speak one's mind and to command respect through your ideas and conversations.

On September 14, however, there is a problem. Mars will sharply oppose Neptune, the planet of bewilderment and slipperiness. It'll feel like you have lost your voice and your power to convince anyone to do anything. Instead, use this time to focus on your mindset and beliefs. Immerse yourself in absorbing wisdom from spiritual sources. Your home and family life will become much more harmonious after the 14th, much to your delight. If you and your partner have not been able to effectively work together, then you can look forward to a renewal of commitment as Saturn turns direct in your relationship sector on September Cancer's keywords for September: intellectual deficit, mental insecurity, losing mind, spiritual, psychic communication, domestic bliss, commitment.

You might take a financial hit this month, but if that does happen, you'll already know it's coming. Mars continues to move through your earned income sector in September and that typically signals high expenses. On September 14, Neptune will oppose Mars, making any effort you exert to earn extra cash futile. Money will slip through your fingers with this energy, so don't freak out when it happens.

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Instead, focus on the fact that you'll have your most incredible asset on your side in September: your mouth. Indeed, the gift of gab is yours thanks to both Mercury and Venus entering your message sector on the 14th.

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Marketing your talents and collaborating with others will be keys to your ability to make money now. When it comes to romance, September will not disappoint. From now until , Uranus will transit your sector of communications, mental interests, the mind, mental outlook, transportation, and connections.

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  • This transit changes how you learn, think, communicate, and connect. New interests can come on suddenly this year and beyond. This growing need to develop and diversify on mental levels can take you interesting places in There is likely to be some trial and error involved with your interests and studies, and you may want to watch for sudden attractions to impractical ventures.

    A wonderfully reinforcing aspect in play for most of the year involves your modern ruler, Neptune, and its stabilizing aspect to Saturn. This is a subtle but helpful transit that supports your efforts. Saturn has moved out of challenging relationship to your sign, dear Pisces, and this is a helpful influence that takes the pressure off and allows you to express your warmer traits more naturally.

    You are feeling considerably more natural, and generally speaking, others are appreciating the qualities that come most naturally to you. People might often feel drawn to you for guidance, healing, or spiritual questions. They find you reliable and interesting. Opportunities to connect with others online or through learning efforts may present themselves from March 6th, , forward. This can be a time of opening your mind to unusual new interests or for communications and transportation opening up new channels for making connections. Note: Read the sections for both your Sun Sign and Ascendant for a better picture of what lies ahead for the day.

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    Friend's Email Address. Your Name. Your Email Address. Cafe Astrology. Both the Sun and Venus are in minor challenging aspects with Neptune today, suggesting some adjustments to our expectations needed. Glossing over the more realistic points, details, and flaws of circumstances and people can provide us with instant gratification. These influences call for some slowing down.