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Earth signs be like. The Signs as Random Twitter Posts.

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Aries: "I'll beat ya ass", lots of laughing, will stand up for you even if you're wrong. The fun friend Taurus: "Let's take a nap together", logical sense while you talk it out, will start shit with people who mess with you. The caring friend Gemini: "ayyye LMAO let's go to the party", they introduce you to a lot of new stuff and know your phones password.

The popular friend. Cancer: "are you sure you've had enough to eat?

The encouraging friend. Leo: " The party friend Virgo: "don't forget to text me when you get there" buys you food when you have The mom friend.

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The best friend. Scorpio: " The intimidating friend. Obviously, Aquarians are not at all romantic. If there ever was a rebel at heart, it had to be an Aquarian.

These Are The Most Serious Zodiac Signs, So No Funny Business

Aquarians just love to go against accepted ideas and norms. This freethinking trait lasts until around their 60th birthday, when they suddenly become stubborn, eccentric, old gits. It is practically impossible to have any form of relationship with an Aquarian and anyone who does attempt to do so should be aware that they run an extremely high risk of brain haemorrhage.

One strange thing about Aquarians is that they seem to enjoy giving stuff away.

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Money is another weird Aquarian invention. Who in their right mind would risk their life hunting wild oxen in return for a couple of shiny pebbles? The idea has since been taken a few more steps down the winding path of weirdness, and most people today would actually do anything for a few worn out bits of paper.

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    21 Secrets Of The Aquarius Personality…

    Everything you have done is brilliant and you will get the reward you richly Your lack of modesty will cause you problems today, jackass. Wensleydale is a good smell for you today.

    Other odours may leave you feeling poorly Actions take a moment, consequences last a lifetime. Try to avoid reading dusty old books that call themselves 'tomes'. Especially if they contain