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Click here for a video psychic reading - free up to 10 minutes! With a rep as one of the hardest-working signs in the Zodiac, a Bull is never afraid to roll up those sleeves and get to work, and won't blink an eye at pulling an all-nighter to get the job done. But it's not all work for Taurus. Anchored by the earth, this passionate sign is all about sensuality, and is always seeking out pleasure. Whether they're indulging in luxurious massages, spending hours in bed with their lover, or going on a long run, Taureans love feeling present in their body and frequently need to get in touch with their physical self.

When it comes to love, Taureans are all about honesty, which is why a first date with a Bull may resemble a job interview. They're not being rude—they're built for partnerships and are simply trying to see if you're a good fit at the start.

21 Secrets of the TAURUS Personality ♉

And once you begin dating a Taurus, forget about white lies. A Taurus would much rather hear that an outfit is unflattering than endure hollow compliments. Taurus will hold a grudge against someone who lies, even if it's a lie just to make them feel happy. In bed, Taurus is a giving lover—as long as their partner steps it up and makes sure to give as well as receive pleasure! Detail-oriented Taurus may seem nitpicky even in the bedroom, a mid-romp critique may not be unusual , but that's not because they want to offend.

They simply demand the best, and they expect the people in their life to deliver. While Taurus has an intense internal drive, they sometimes have trouble respecting authority, especially if asked to do something they think is pointless or should be done differently.

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Learning to be flexible and go with the flow can be an advantage to Taurus. And while Taureans have a rich internal life, they value external attributes and may overlook someone who doesn't have the perfect outfit, car, or resume.

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Learning the benefits of getting to know someone before writing them off can be a lifelong lesson to a Taurean, especially in love, where they might be too hasty to write off a perfect match. Taureans are amazing! Taurus is also artistic, and many have hobbies that include arts, or they are patrons of the arts.

1. You have a reputation for being “stubborn”

Along with their appreciation for art, Taurus has a very critical eye. Unfortunately, they don't always know when to refrain from voicing their opinions on how something should look. Taurus individuals believe everything should be beautifully done and aesthetically pleasing. It's just their nature to feel every aspect of life is an art form. When you have Venus , the Roman Goddess of Love, as your ruling planet , you don't stand a chance of avoiding love.

However, those with the Sun in Taurus are cautious in their pursuit of love and romance. Of course, you may run into an occasional Taurus who denies how important love is to them, but it's rare to find one that's cynical about love.

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The Taurus approach to love and romance is serious and down to earth. Few can play the "waiting game" longer or better than Taurus. Unfortunately, as many a Taurus has painfully learned, this doesn't always work out in their favor.

21 Secrets Of The Taurus Personality…

They can hurry the waiting game along by taking baby steps like asking for a phone number or email address, just any little thing to show they're interested. Once they do get the man or woman of their dreams they can sabotage the relationship with their legendary stubbornness. If Taurus can learn the art of compromising and asking questions, it will go a long way towards keeping their relationships happy! Jealousy can be a severe problem for Taurus. They evaluate everything by the principle "I have," including romantic partners. If you're interested in a Taurus, prepare in advance for possessiveness and remember your Taurus partner is only human and only being themselves. So, treat them with understanding, dignity and respect. Taurus individuals seldom suffer fools gladly. They have an almost regal quality about them when they dismiss someone as unamusing or ignorant. At first glance, you might think they're simply a big snob.

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